Saturday, January 17, 2015

Actors' Summit
January 15 - February 1
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Bob Abelman

Brian Zoldessy is absolutely charming, accessible and endearing in his portrayal of Einstein. Yet the informative but unimaginative one-act, one-man show in which he appears – an informal and often humorous chat with the noted physicist in his disheveled home office on the campus of Princeton University in 1946 – shares few of those admirable adjectives.

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Roy Berko

EINSTEIN is a must see production that offers an opportunity to access the man and his myths.  It also allows for a showcasing of Brian Zoldessy becoming Einstein!
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Kerry Clawson

Zoldessy, inarguably one of the finest actors in Northeast Ohio, captures our attention from the start and holds it closely for a full 92 minutes in the one-man show Einstein, now playing at Actors’ Summit.  This short, slight actor embodies Einstein’s famously wild look with his grown-out gray hair and mustache, and brings out his eccentric spirit as the renowned scientist engages in an animated chat with the audience.

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