Friday, October 10, 2014

[title of show] @ Beck Center for the Arts

October 10-November 16, 2014
216-521-2540 or

Bob Abelman

Broadway is currently abuzz with the star-studded backstage comedy “It’s Only a Play,” by four-time Tony Award winner Terrence McNally.  Do you see what I did?  This is a review of Beck Center's“[title of show],” but I have yet to actually review “[title of show].”  Do you see what I am doing now?  I am writing about my writing of a review.  And now I am writing about my writing of my writing of a review.  So goes the wonderfully performed but very tiresome self-referential meta-musical “[title of show].”

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Roy Berko

During the performance, when the cast of “[title of show]” are reading the show’s opening night reviews, it is revealed that panned the show.  The Beck Center doesn’t have that problem.  This review (yes, it will appear on, one of the sources that carries my show reactions) will be stating, ”[title of show],” now on stage at Beck Center for the Arts, in Lakewood, Ohio,  is a delightful theatrical experience, that audiences should enjoy!”).
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Mark Horning

If you are really really into theater, you may get a mild kick out of [title of show] otherwise at the very least you will catch a few minutes of nap time to prepare for the after theater festivities. 
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Christine Howey

But you couldn’t revive this show with the world’s most powerful defibrillator. Though [title of show] won an Obie Award in 2006, it now needs to be taken behind the barn and shot—so Bowen, Bell and the rest of us can move on with our lives.

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Art Thomas

This lightweight show has achieved a cult following. There are dozens of clever lines and very funny bits of business in the hands of Beck's talented cast and director. The audience for [title of show] are theater fans.
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