Saturday, June 7, 2014


June 5-22, 2014
Theatre Ninjas and Mamai Theatre Company

Bob Abelman

When we first meet Alexandra, the tormented middle-aged artist has her eyes focused on the looming, omnipresent and descending cover of clouds she envisions overhead.  She references the clouds often throughout this play, for her mind, like the weather, is also overcast, turbulent, and undergoing extreme atmospheric pressure. 

Derdriu Ring is one of only a handful of local actors who can play this role; none could play it better.  

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Roy Berko

MamaĆ­’s mission is “to create intelligent, relevant classical theatre that offers an artistic home for Cleveland’s theatre artists, and equal opportunity for women in the professional theatre community.”  Theater Ninja’s goal is to “reimagine how and why we tell stories, and help us to create deep, fascinating worlds for the audience to explore.”  Their production of Eric Coble’s “Stranded on Earth,” with a master class demonstration of finite acting by Derdriu Ring, well meets both organization’s purposes.   

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Mark Horning

I strongly suggest that prior to seeing Eric Coble’s “Stranded on Earth” you become familiar with the other two parts of his trilogy, “A Girl’s Guide to Coffee” and “The Velocity of Autumn” either through reviews or synopsizes.  This will greatly add to your enjoyment and understanding of this one woman acting masterpiece starring Derdriu Ring.  Thoughtful, Funny, Intense and Jarring.

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Christine Howey

In this one-hander, brilliantly performed by Derdriu Ring and directed by Jeremy Paul, Alexa is a 40-something visual artist who is discussing her life in terms of before and after. 

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Andrea Simakis

Actress Derdriu Ring is the white-hot center of a stunning production... Mamai Theatre Company and Theater Ninjas have taken on the most challenging of the three works [Eric Coble's Alexandra plays trilogy]. For me, thanks to this not-to-be-missed collaboration, it is also the most compelling."  

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