Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hanna Theatre

January 17-27, 2013
                                                           216-241-6000 or www.playhousesquare.org

Roy Berko

SPANK! THE FIFTY SHADES OF PARODY is definitely not a production for everyone.  Twenty-something women, with maybe a few 30s and 40s thrown in, who have read and love THE SHADES OF GREY trilogy, want to let loose, have a couple of glasses of wine and scream and yell, will have a great time.  Others, like this old white guy who hasn’t read the books, should have been at home! 
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Things just got naughty in the sexy and hilarious new show at PlayhouseSquare’s Hanna Theater.
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Kerry Clawson

The show is billed as a musical but it shouldn’t be, considering it doesn’t have a lot of music or singing. It is a clever comedy that, for the most part, successfully taps into one of the hottest pop culture phenomenons out there today in ``literature.’’

Spank’s first act is hilarious and surprising but the second act grows tiresome and begins to lose its way.

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