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January 25-February 17, 2013                   
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Bob Abelman

Sometimes good storytelling begets good storytelling.  Such is the case with Charles Smith’s “The Gospel According to James,” an intriguing and gripping historical fiction currently enjoying its Ohio Premiere at the Ensemble Theatre.  The play explores the fatal flaws of perception and memory and, with a superb cast under Celeste Cosentino’s astute direction, is a marvelous piece of theater.

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Roy Berko

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JAMES is a fascinating, well written play, which is getting a fine performance at Ensemble, and well deserves to be seen!  For a special treat attend the February 16 performance when the playwright will conduct a talk back.

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Fran Heller

The elusive nature of truth and flawed memory are at the heart of "The Gospel According to James" by Charles Smith, a compelling, powerful and agonizing look at racism in America in the 20th century.
The play's labyrinthine structure and large cast make it a challenge to produce.
The production succeeds, owing to Celeste Cosentino's thoughtful direction and solid performances by an ensemble artistically and emotionally invested in the story's content.

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Christine Howey

Director Celeste Cosentino is to be congratulated for taking on such a complex play, and for helping shape several fine performances. But by not staging the show in a way that Marie and James can truly engage with each other and the audience in a visceral manner, the interesting “history of memory” conflict that playwright Smith sets up never comes to full fruition.

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