Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cleveland Public Theatre
May 24-June 9
(216) 631-2727 or

Roy Berko
--> AKARUI [Bright] brings to an end another theatre year for Cleveland Public Theatre.  Though a challenging concept, the play and production just didn’t have the same positive effect as some other offerings by CPT.
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Christine Howey

In the world premiere of Akarui, now at the Cleveland Public Theatre, playwright Jen Silverman pitches her dramatic tent on several different steaming fissures: transgender issues; murder, guilt and death; and medical experimentation. The result is astounding in all respects, even with a couple performances that fail to capture the twisted grandiosity of Silverman’s vision.

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Marjorie Preston

The World Premiere of “Akarui” is a must-see multi-faceted spectacle filled with music, dance, percussion and otherworldly characters. The spirit world plays a large part in this show, where audiences can watch a dead man search for his killer while at the same time learn about the Afro-Brazilian musical tradition of Candomobl√©. This bold, thrilling show about transformation involves the audience at times √† la Blue Man Group, while offering captivating character portrayals and gripping, pulsing moments.
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