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March 23-April 29

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Bob Abelman

Local playwright Eric Coble’s “The Velocity of Autumn” is an intriguing one-act, two-person coming-of-old age play that is enjoying its regional premiere at the Beck Center for the Arts. But it is not always so enjoyable.

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Roy Berko

Seeing THE VELOCITY OF AUTUMN is one of those special evenings in the theatre. Dorothy Silver is enthralling, David Hansen is right on target, and Eric Coble’s poignant yet humorous script allows for a much needed look at the plight of the aging in this sometimes heartless culture. This production is an absolutely must, must, must see!

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Fran Heller

What does it feel like to grow old? It's a question Cleveland playwright Eric Coble explores with sensitivity, compassion, wisdom and a touch of the absurd in "The Velocity of Autumn," a lovely play about aging parents and adult children, life and death, and how to preserve human dignity and independence in the face of debilitating old age.
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Christine Howey

A brilliantly titled play with one outstanding performance by Dorothy Silver and some sprightly byplay. Even with some playwriting overreach, it's an opportunity to see Silver at her octogenarian best.
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Art Thomas

Eric Coble's script has a buckshot approach with a dozen developed story threads to link an aged mother to her previously estranged son. There's too many vectors here, but at least some will connect with the audience. The two strong performances are compelling, especially when a discussion of art brings the characters together.

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Beck Center for the Arts on Detroit Road in Lakewood presents the regional premiere of The Velocity Of Autumn by Cleveland Playwright Eric Coble. Velocity is a fly-on-the-wall look into a conversation between an old woman who is losing her grip on her own life and her son who is still trying to discover his place in the world.