Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cleveland Play House
March 16-April 8
(216) 241 6000
Bob Abelman

As this brilliantly written and superbly performed play documents and more than amply exhibits during its 90 minutes of uninterrupted dialogue, Mark Rothko was a wordy fellow for a visual artist. And damn definitive for an abstract expressionist. "Red"is a thoughtful, thought-provoking play and the CPH has created a worthy rendition of it.

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Roy Berko

Cleveland Play House's must see RED is special—great acting, a fine script, thought provoking dialogue, educational—everything theatre should be!

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Fran Heller

The one-act cerebral and sensual, funny and serious and a thoroughly engrossing evening of theater. The play revels in language as rich as the hues on the canvas. The verbal riff on "red" and "black" as colors and as similes is breathtaking to anyone who luxuriates in the written word.

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Christine Howey

Red, a journey through painter Mark Rothko's fevered mind, offers blazing flurries of conversation, reflection and argument that will keep your head spinning long after the curtain call.

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Art Thomas

Red is about more than art. Its subjects touch on ego, destructive self-absorption, and the experience of extreme upscale dining. It will provoke conversation and tell you about an artist, but more about yourself.

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The play centers around artist Mark Rothko (Bob Ari) who is struggling to paint a commission for the Four Seasons in New York City. He hires a young assistant named Ken (Randy Harrison) and a dialogue begins that eventually calls into question everything Rothko believes about art.