Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Pretty Woman The Musical @ Playhouse Square

Through March 27, 2022
(216) 241-6000


Roy Berko

PRETTY WOMAN is not a great musical.  It is definitely not CHORUS LINE, or MY FAIR LADY or WEST SIDE STORY, but this production, even with the obvious story line and mediocre score, is worth a sit-through.  The audience, after rendering the required “we are nice Clevelanders and give almost every production a standing ovation,” left with high positive chatter!

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Kerry Clawson

Although the stage musical adheres quite closely to the original film, the tour's leading lady, Olivia Valli, makes the role of Vivian her own with a gamine physical awkwardness, bubbliness and playfulness that make us love her. She's an endearing actress with a powerful voice who's the granddaughter of famed singer Frankie Valli.

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Howard Gollop

The new Broadway version of the classic 1990 film hit "Pretty Woman" wasn't supposed to be good. But it is.

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Sheri Gross

It is hard to avoid comparing the stage musical version of "Pretty Woman," which opened in Chicago and moved to Broadway in 2018, to the film. But in order to appreciate the production as an uplifting, entertaining night of live theater, one must try hard to separate the two.

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Mark Horning

During these challenging times it is nice to get out and experience some pleasure in the form of a Broadway touring show. This roughly based Cinderella story comes alive on stage and allows you to escape the world if only for a couple of short hours. Bring someone you love and share it with them.

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Laura Kennelly

Pretty Woman: The Musical asks us to go along with an unbelievable Hollywood tale. Now at Playhouse Square through March 27, it draws from the 1990s Julia Roberts/Richard Gere film hit of the same name. Alas, the musical’s fairy-tale plot seems old-fashioned and naïve today.

But on the plus side, director Jerry Mitchell distracts the audience from the story with vignettes featuring amiable characters, snappy tunes and precise dancing. As prostitute Vivian Ward, Olivia Valli shows the original Pretty Woman’s sass and style (if not Roberts’ sweet Georgia accent). Understudy Chris Manuel stepped in on opening night as the wealthy Edward Lewis. Jessica Crouch plays Vivian Ward’s friend and hooker coach Kit De Luca.

The ensemble cast deserves praise for bright snippets. Amma Osei’s beautiful vocals in the La Traviata scene evoked opera’s emotional magic. Kyle Taylor Parker added heart to the production playing both the Happy Man as well as the stuffy hotel manager.

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Kate Klotzbach

Not every movie or story needs to be made into a musical, and Pretty Woman the Musical is an example of why. Now playing at the Connor Palace at Playhouse Square, this music-backed take on the 1990 movie starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere loses charm and depth when placed into this new format.

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Joey Morona

Not every show has to break new ground or change the world. Some simply win you over with terrific performances, catchy songs, good comedy and a timeless story.   So, if you want the fairy tale, it play in Cleveland through March 27.

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