Saturday, December 4, 2021


December 8 through 22, 2021
(216) 241-6000

Howard Gollop

This production is a cut above the previous tour that came through Cleveland a few years back. But even in a lesser effort, "Wicked" remains the kind of celebration pre-teen girls (and older women) can savor. Only this time, the magic may transcend into a much broader appreciation.

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Sheri Gross

The talent-filled production of Wicked at Playhouse Square has all the “wow” we need to fill our hearts, stir our souls, and open our eyes to the need for tolerance, understanding, and the importance of digging below the surface. That, along with the magic of theater,  just may change us…for good. 

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Mark Horning

This is the type of musical extravaganza that Broadway is famous for and well worth the ticket. All of the elements come together for this extraordinary example of Great White Way Huzzah. Wicked will put your entire family under its spell.

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Kate Klotzbach

The show is packed full of memorable songs performed by a very gifted cast... The design elements of WICKED are also noteworthy, with Susan Hilferty’s costumes taking the prize for their eye-catching color and detail. Lights, sound, set, and other technical aspects capture the spirit of Oz and the magic that is within... To sum up: WICKED is worth it. The rich story, striking songs, talented-laden vocals, and top-notch design elements make this production one to see.

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Joey Morona

Nearly two decades after it premiered on Broadway, it’s easy to see why “Wicked” remains one of the most successful musicals of all time.

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