Sunday, June 13, 2021

"The Choir of Man" @ Playhouse Square

Extended Through September 18, 2021
(216) 241-6000

Roy Berko

It isn’t Frozen, The Lion King, or Hamilton, which some local theater-goers might have preferred to re-open the theatres of Playhouse Square, but The Choir of Men is an evening of emotional song and dance, and a perfect selection to reopen Playhouse Square. The response has been so positive that the run has been extended until July 25.

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Kerry Clawson

The unbridled joy in "The Choir of Man" is the kind of therapeutic show we all need as theatergoers finally start to come together again.

The celebratory concert-style show, set in a working onstage pub at Playhouse Square's Mimi Ohio Theatre, has the distinction of being the first tour in the United States since the pandemic shutdown in March 2020. Yes, it's come to Northeast Ohio. And it's the first live show at Playhouse Square in 15 months. 

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Howard Gollop

Rather than Emerald-aisle exotica, the aura of the Mimi Ohio Theater stage for this pop/folk-rock cover revue is more spiritually connected to virtually any bar down the block in Northeast Ohio. Most of the true evocations of Irish musical lore are dispensed with in the pre-show riffing, where the tightly-clothed, youngish castmembers (20s through 30s) flirt with the audience members while literally serving them beer -- a practice that delightfully continues throughout the regular performance.”

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Mark Horning

This is just the medicine that Cleveland needs to bring it out of its doldrums. It is at the same time rowdy, brassy, bold, sentimental, heartfelt and poignant or as those who have traveled to the Emerald Isle would know, a typical night at an Irish pub. 

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Chris Howey

The degree to which you love The Choir of Man may depend on your tolerance for high volume singing of power ballads, testosterone-fueled dancing, and over-used swiveling concert spotlights that frequently bathe and momentarily blind the audience.

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Kate Klotzbach

There is no big plot line. There are no story resolutions. You will not have to consult CliffsNotes to interpret anything that happens in this production. The Choir of Man is simple, pure, unadulterated bliss presented with honest elation. It is the show that says, "The worst has passed: let's gather safely and enjoy life again!" CHEERS!

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