Monday, March 2, 2020


Through March 29, 2020
(216) 932-3396

Roy Berko

 Though the Dobama production is well conceived, the language, over-wrought angst and dramatic structure render is probably not a play for everyone.  It’s worth going to observe the talented cast.

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Mark Horning

This show can be described as a bumpy ride at best. Between scenes of high intensity the pace shifts down to nearly a crawl then ramps back up for more intense high jinks. Fans of Roller Coasters will love it. In a is a fierce 100 minutes of non-stop theater.

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Andrea Simakis

The production exerts the power of a spell, able to strip away the year, taking you back to when you were 13 and thought you'd die if the thing you want more the anything isn't happen.

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