Sunday, February 16, 2020


Through March 8, 2020
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Roy Berko

“SLEUTH” should be an enjoyable delight for theater-goers.  Go!  See!  Enjoy! (But don’t tell anyone the secret of the cast, the gun shots or the ending!)
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Mark Horning

If you are someone who likes to investigate what goes bump in the night and enjoy a great murder mystery comedy with a madcap ring to it this is must see theater for you. This show will leave you guessing right up to the end. Boo!

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Chris Howey

The stock-in-trade for Great Lakes Theater is evocative language, whether by Shakespeare or other theatrical luminaries. And this play, even while getting awfully gimpy in the knees, still has enough rich wordplay to make for a dandy evening.

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Howard Gollop

A one-trick-pony whodunit such as "Sleuth," which has been making the rounds on screen and stage for decades, would seem a tired choice for a regional theater. So it's a testement to playwright Anthony Shaffer and the cast and crew of Great Lakes Theater that "Sleuth," under the muscular direction of Charles Fee, remains so compelling in 2020 -- even if we have long known who did it.

Complete article appears in Elyira Chronice Telegram

Laura Kennelly

There’s mystery afoot in the engaging Great Lakes Theatre production of Sleuth at the Hanna Theatre. Director Charles Fee and the talented cast create a tour de force of acting chops. These players show what acting is all about as they create a maddening, confusing world, and then, having done so, plunge us all into its surprising adventures.

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