Friday, January 24, 2020


Through February 16, 2020
 (216) 321-2930

Roy Berko

Intimate Apparel” is a well-honed script which gets a superior production under the adept direction of Sarah May.  This is a play well-worth seeing!

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Mark Horning

This is a superbly crafted play populated by actors who really care about the people they portray and have put in long hours and experience to become their various roles. This is a work that regular theater goers will relish and newcomers will have a high bar set for future plays that they will visit.

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Chris Howey

Director Domingue is a perfect match for this material, employing her effusive energy and proven storytelling skills to create a powerful ensemble performance while attending to the larger themes. To wit: We are all like Shanita, in a way, relying on the steady "background music" of our lives to provide a sense of stability. And when we sense that music is about to waver, or stop completely, it is terrifying. That is why we go on, because there is no other way to keep the music playing.

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