Sunday, November 24, 2019


Through December 15, 2019
(216) 302-8850

Roy Berko

“LIVE BODIES FOR SALE” is a powerful and compelling exposition that grabs and holds attention, not only because of the stories told, but also because of the well-conceived performances.  This is an absolutely must-see experience which shows the power of theater to teach and persuade.

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Mark Horning

You will not enjoy Live Bodies For Sale but this is a show that should be seen by parents and teens alike. Sometimes theater should be less about entertainment and stronger on teaching vastly needed life lessons. This is one of those shows. Have the courage to see this with your son and daughter. 

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Andrea Simakis

In writing “Live Bodies for Sale,” playwright Christopher Johnston pulled out his reporter’s notebook and interviewed survivors of the inhumane crime of human trafficking. He didn’t speak to women in far-flung countries but to those right here in Cleveland.  Their stories, told in a series of arresting monologues peppered throughout the loosely structured work, are the reason to make the trek to Waterloo Arts District to see the world-premiere Playwrights Local production.
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