Sunday, May 12, 2019


Through May 31, 2019
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Bob Abelman

none too fragile’s ‘Two’ a master class in heartbreak.

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Roy Berko

“Two” proves once again that none-too-fragile is the consistently best off-off Broadway in the Greater Cleveland area.  The quality of play choices, the prime acting and the spot-on directing, makes going to this venue a theatrical wonder.   

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Kerry Clawson

The dramatic comedy “Two” is both sad and funny at None Too Fragile as married British pub owners welcome an array of personalities to their watering hole in the north of England.  
In this two-hander directed by Sean Derry, expert actors Derdriu Ring and David Peacock portray not only the Landlady and Landlord, but also 12 other regulars at the bar ... Ring and Peacock, who are a joy to watch opposite each other, are chameleons as they create couples in multiple permutations.

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