Friday, December 28, 2018

SPAMILTON: AN AMERICAN PARODY (National Tour) @ Hanna Theatre

December 24, 2018-January 6, 2019
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Roy Berko

Spamilton: An American Parody” can be a fun evening of theater if you don’t set the bar of pleasure at the “I have to understand everything that is sung.” Just grab what you can and enjoy the cleverness of the writer, the talent of the cast, and appreciate the homage being paid to Lynn-Manuel Miranda, who has created a musical masterpiece by the name of “Hamilton,” changing the American theater forever.      
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Howard Gollop

Relax.  "Spamilton" is not some sophomoric cash-in on the unbridled "Hamilton" craze, trying to stretch a few middling jokes into a two-hour had one  This is the work of Gerrard Allessandrini, Broadway's foremost lampoonist who's best known for his constantly updated cabaret revue, "Forebidden Broadway."

Mark Horning

Will you be able to catch each and every small nuance of reference sprinkled throughout the show? Probably not and that is the fun of the show. It is like reading a book by fanning the pages. It will most probably be the fastest 63 minutes that you have ever experienced in the theater.

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Laura Kennelly

Say what you will about Hamilton, Hamilton,/ but ya gotta see it before Spamilton, Spamilton,/ or you’ll be:/ lost. /So study what you can/ (YouTube is your best friend)/ then you can laugh a little/or a lot and say:/ “I gave it my best shot.”

As with Hamilton, the Broadway hit it’s based on, Spamilton ricochets an abundance of wit and words right at the audience. It seemed impossible to hear every nonstop word over the laughter from the previous riposte, especially (and paradoxically) since the sound was loud where I sat. But even though it was impossible to catch every allusion, the ones that were clear poked good-natured fun at musicals and the theater world in general. It helps to be a Broadway fan (hand raised here) and it helps (see above) to review Hamilton: The Musical.

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