Monday, October 8, 2018


Beck Center
October 5-November 4, 2018
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Bob Abelman

A perfect storm has been created for Albee’s masterpiece and it has hit land in Lakewood.

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Roy Berko

Kudos to Don Carrier for his bullseye direction of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”  This is about as perfect a production as the script could receive.  If you have never seen the Albee masterpiece on stage, see it now!  You won’t have another chance to experience such a wonderfully crafted piece of theater. 

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Christine Howey

This incisive production at the Beck Center, directed with perfect pitch by Donald Carrier, is a three-hour and two-intermission slide down the razor blade of life, to borrow Tom Lehrer's indelible phrase. 

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Laura Kennelly

Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, now disturbing the peace in the Beck Center’s Studio Theater, reminds us that drinking and talking do not mix. Although it premiered in 1962, much still rings true today in this production directed by Donald Carrier. The plot is simple: the wife of a senior faculty member invites a new faculty member and his wife over for a 2 AM nightcap after a drunken faculty party.

The resulting continuation of the booze fest turns into a disaster . . . couples. Exploitation and vulgarity get passed around evenly and everyone sustains damages before it’s over.  

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Andrea Simakis

Carrier - and Mauldin and Ring - understand the tragedy of George and Martha implicitly. The actors' final moments together, as the sun rises, are devastating.  As the dawn light illuminates George's tired face, we see it is no longer animated by enmity but empathy. In Martha's face, we see a woman about to drown, desperate for the unexpected life raft he is offering.

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