Saturday, March 31, 2018


Through April 15, 2018
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Bob Abelman

It’s back to basics with Great Lakes’ "Macbeth." 

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Roy Berko

The staging is exciting, the story line is paced to build to the forewarned conclusion, the language is easy to understand, the characterizations are well-etched, the acting is superb, the technical aspects are excellent, the fight scenes are theatrically real, the creative development of the Three Witches is groundbreaking.  All in all, this is a “Macbeth” to be treasured and is a must see production!  
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Mark Horning

Leave it to Great Lakes Theater to raise the bar to immeasurable heights in their stunning reproduction of this epic Shakespearean work. It is a great work taken to even greater heights by its faithful attention to detail. All fans of the Bard must see this and feel free to bring friends along who are unfamiliar so that they can see how truly magnificent live theater can be.  

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Christine Howey

Even while there are stretches of dialogue that are difficult to follow, this production of Macbeth—augmented by Kim Krumm Sorneson’s period costumes and Matthew Webb’s well-accented sound design—has enough blood lust and evil to satisfy old Mac friends as well as newcomers.

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Laura Kennelly

Tony Soprano and his gang were sissies compared to Macbeth and his thugs. In its latest presentation of the gory tragedy that is Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Great Lakes Theater has once again semi-transformed  into a “mini-Globe” theater, paying homage to Shakespeare’s own London stage. ...BOTTOM LINE: This straight-forward, rapid-fire production of Macbeth touches all the bases, reminding us that ambition is destructive and psychological warfare (what the witches waged against the would-be ruler) kills.

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