Thursday, December 7, 2017


Through December 23, 2017
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Bob Abelman

Charisma and conga, not story or storytelling, carry touring "On Your Feet!"

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Roy Berko

The Cuban-American success story is everything that Trump and his alt-right cronies say doesn’t and shouldn’t happen.  Long live immigrants and their success stories!  “On Your Feet is a joyous must see journey, with an infectious musical beat!  I dare you not to be standing, clapping and singing during the curtain call.

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Howard Gollop

"'On Your Feet!” the new Broadway musical based on the life and music of Emilio and Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, wins points right off the bat for taking in a cold Cleveland audience in December and dropping a giant satin-like stage curtain to reveal the hot world of the Cuban and Miami music scene — palm trees and all.

All would be for naught, of course, if the cast were anything less than dynamic triple-threat dancers, singers and actors, and this touring company comes through. Christie Prades, who has the additional task of portraying the famed star Gloria Estefan, creates a deeply dimensional character that carries the show even through some ballad-laden down time in the second act. "

Mark Horning

Even if you are not familiar with Latin music you will find yourself falling in love with this show. The simple yet functional sets, wonderful costumes, upbeat music inter-spaced with heartfelt ballads, dazzling lighting and sound makes this a must see show. You will find yourself dancing out of the theater after the amazing mini-concert after the curtain calls.   

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Andrea Simakis

Gloria and Emile Estephone's journey is extraordinary, a Broadway-worthy epic of setbacks and sensational victories with an irresistible beat. At heart, it's a love story about two kids in search of the American dream who found each other along the way.

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