Friday, November 3, 2017


Through November 2, 2017
(216) 631-2727

Mark Horning

While one must admire Cleveland Public Theatre’s mission of bringing forth finished works of local playwrights writing about local subjects, this work falls so far off from reality as to be disturbing to the casual viewer and possibly even veteran attendees. Sometimes too much is just that.

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Christine Howey

There is a theatrical syncopation that is bubbling under the surface of this play, tied together here and there with bits of songs by Nina Simone and other ancillary music. 

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Andrea Simakis

Despite some opacity, Langford and director Jimmie Woody have conjured an exciting, bracing piece of theater - a mesmerizing visit to a starlit place that accommodates the sweetest dreams and the darkest nightmares - to create one of the most challenging and original plays of the season.

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