Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Through July 23, 2017
(216) 241-6000

Bob Abelman

Touring ‘Sound of Music’ bids a fond and fabulous so long, farewell at Playhouse Square.

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Roy Berko

 The little girl sitting behind me was on the edge of her seat throughout the show and, at the end, sleepily said to her mother, “I loved it!”  Yes, the touring production of “The Sound of Music,” is a very pleasant experience. “So long, Farewell,” Oy, how long will it be before I have to “Climb Every Mountain” again?  Guess as long as I’m a reviewer, “There is No Way to Stop It.”

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Mark Horning

There is something quite comforting about enjoying a delightful summertime performance of The Sound of Music in the beautiful and perfectly temperature controlled Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square. Bring the entire family for an evening of familiar music that if it is not already will soon become one “of your favorite things.” With this short run, you are advised to get your tickets quickly.

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