Friday, September 23, 2016


September 23 through October 8, 2016
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Roy Berko

When THE WHIPPING MAN ran at the Cleveland Play House several seasons ago, I said it was “required viewing by anyone who wants to experience theater at its finest.”  If you missed that production, or you want revisit the script in similar spellbinding splendor, rush to none too fragile.  This production is as mesmerizing as was the other local staging.  Applause, applause! 
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Kerry Clawson

 Matthew Lopez’s THE WHIPPING MAN is a fascinating story about the complex and contradictory relationships between newly freed slaves and their masters right at the end of the Civil War. ... David Lemoyne’s excellent portrayal of the faithful Simon is the backbone of this tense drama. His elder slave represents the voice of both faith and reason to younger slave John as well as the master’s son, Confederate soldier Caleb.

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Christine Howey

By drawing the similarities between the ex-slaves and the wealthy Jewish family that owned them, the play opens an interesting door on race relations.

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David Ritchey

"The Whipping Man” surfaces family issues. 

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