Monday, March 14, 2016


Through March 26, 2016

Bob Abelman

‘A Kid Like Jake’ is a captivating, contemporary Cinderella story.

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Roy Berko

A KID LIKE JAKE is a well-developed, thought-provoking script, centering on the contemporary topics of gender identity, parental relationships, and the controversy of nature versus nurture.  The acting is excellent.  It is the type of production that incites discussion and will be appealing to a thinking audience. 

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Kerry Clawson

In A KID LIKE JAKE, Rachel Lee Kolis gives a heartbreaking performance as stressed-out mom Alex, willfully blind to who her child really is even though she professes to know him best. Sensitively directed by Sean Derry at None Too Fragile Theater, the play presents a raw, often harrowing tale of the great pressure moneyed, anxious parents put on themselves to make the right decisions for their youngsters.

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Christine Howey

Director Sean Derry has summoned a talented cast to handle this 100-minute production, but even the best efforts of these accomplished actors can't overcome Pearle's talky script, one that only strikes sparks near the very end. 

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