Friday, August 7, 2015


August 14 to 29, 2015


Bob Abelman

Blank Canvas Theatre’s staging of ‘Our Town’ is a bit too much of a blank canvas.  It embraces a less-is-more approach to an already simple work that renders it less poignant than it ought to be.

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Roy Berko

If you haven’t seen the classic OUR TOWN before, or have seen it, but need a good shot of appreciation for life, go see the Blank Canvas production.  Director Patrick Ciamacco sets it out before you, plain and simple, doing nothing to get in the way of Wilder’s intent and purpose.  Nice job! 
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Mark Horning

True theater allows room for the audience to use their imagination without spelling out each and every detail.  Blank Canvas manages to bring the basic spirit of Wilder’s masterpiece to life without a lot of histrionics that would otherwise get in the way of the message.  This is a work that you go to study rather than see and well worth the effort.

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Andrea Simakis

If Thornton Wilder were still kicking up his heels on our hot little third rock from the sun, i'm thinking he's appreicate the purity of the Blank Canvas Theatre production of "Our Town."

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