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July 10 to August 16, 2015
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Bob Abelman

Beck’s ‘American Idiot’ welcomes a new kind of tension.

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Roy Berko

Devotees of Green Day should be turned on by Beck’s “American Idiot.”  It is a loud, brash musical which attempts to tell the tale of youthful disgust with modern day America.   The cast puts out full energy, the choreography is well designed and executed.   But, the thin one dimensional script, nearly impossible to understand lyrics, and redundant overly amplified music, will make this a less than a stellar theatrical experience for many.

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Mark Horning

For those having seen the touring Broadway show at the Connor Palace you will note that the same rocket high energy levels and high production standards is found with the Beck Center production.  It is rock music and choreography as it should be presented…loud and boisterous and unabashed.  Take your teen to see this one and talk it over afterwards.

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Howard Gollup

Someone gets pregnant, someone goes to war, someone goes to the big city — you know the drill. Still, there’s something profoundly winsome and yearning in the loud, thudding music, a quality that has been made even more apparent through Beck Center’s entire near-flawless production. 

Andrea Simakis

You don't fling yourself into the mosh pit of "American Idiot" in search of exquisite character development and sophisticated storytelling – you take this dive to be consumed by Green Day's furious, hard-driving sound. So what if, in the end, it signifies nothing?
"I don't care if you don't care . . ."

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