Saturday, March 21, 2015

Isaac's Eye @ convergence-continuum

Through April 11, 2015

At The Liminis, 2438 Scranton Road, Tremont, 216-687-0074

Bob Abelman

“Don’t you give points for originality?” asks a young Isaac Newton when begging fellow scientist Robert Hooke for entrance into the Royal Society.  Although originality didn’t seem to count for much in the world of 17th-century science, it certainly does on the convergence-continuum stage.

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Roy Berko

ISAAC’S EYE is one of those productions that if you don’t see it, you’ll be missing a very special theatrical experience.  Good job con-con!

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Christine Howey

So, are scientists angels or devils? As Isaac’s Eye by Lucas Hnath posits, maybe the answer is a lot more complex. And this production at convergence-continuum manages to plumb the intricacies of both science and scientific fame in a fast-paced, layered staging that continually delights and surprises.

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