Sunday, December 9, 2012

THE SECRET SOCIAL (Conni's Avant Garde Restaurant)
Cleveland Public Theatre
December 6-23, 2012
                                                     216-631-2727 or go to

Roy Berko

THE SECRET SOCIAL is not traditional theatre.  No plot, no social message. All in all the goings on are intended for  fun.  That is, if you are in the mood to be uninhibited, and just have a great time.  It also helps if you and half the audience are looped and let loose with rude and creative comments.  

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Christine Howey

The production, created by the ensemble and directed by Cynthia Croot, is quite a bit less outrageous than the past two years (no one stimulating his nipples with an electric mixer, no simulated live birth). But that edgy, go-for-broke energy has been replaced with something almost as intriguing: a journey into a hidden world that begins as soon as you step away from the ticket window.

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Marjorie Preston

The World Premiere Cleveland Public Theatre production of “The Secret Social,” created by the ensemble under the direction of Cynthia Croot, is by turns mysterious, raucous and delightfully tacky, but never ceases to be a vibrant spectacle of an evening. “The Secret Social” also includes a borscht dinner and dancing, a free foxtrot/swing lesson and party games in its ticket price.

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Andrea Simakis

"Devised theater" like "The Secret Social" is by its nature a leap of faith. Lots of cooks often make the soup, collaborating on the script and character development. The results can be mmm-mmm good or spit-it-out-it's-poison bad. Happily, this recipe is so demented and delicious, you'll bang your spoon demanding seconds.

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