Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 17-September 8
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Bob Abelman

Like the children’s rhyme referenced in the play’s title, whose lilting melody gives way to a sophomoric laundry list of base bodily functions, Joshua Conkel’s  MILK MILK LEMONADE is told with a children's storybook aesthetic while exploring much darker themes.  By accentuating all that is funny, and there is plenty that is funny, director Cory Molner provides a very entertaining evening that loses touch with what is meant to be thought-provoking. 

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Roy Berko

MILK MILK LEMONADE, is a thought provoking,  laugh filled play that leans a little too much on comedy, and not enough on the depth of the tale.  Though not for everyone, it is tailor-made for the typical off-the-wall con-con audience member.

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Christine Howey
While it has aspirations of exploring how many of us are not what we seem, it falls flat due to a significant lack of performance and directorial imagination.

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Art Thomas

The show has eighty minutes of absurdity, from a fifth grader dancing "Anything Goes" with a chicken, to a parasitic twin living in the thigh of a neighborhood thug. The script is heavy on laughs and light on emotions, with too many loose ends to boot. Cast and director are first-rate. 

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