Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 26 through August 12
http://dept.kent.edu/theatre/porthouse/ShowInfo.htm or 330-929-4416 or 330-672-3884

Bob Abelman

Unlike its recent production of “Damn Yankees,” which imploded under the weight of its own datedness, the Porthouse Theatre's “The Sound of Music” is delivered on gossamer wings and as fresh as when first produced for the stage in 1959 and then on film in 1965.

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Roy Berko

Porthouse’s THE SOUND OF MUSIC is a crowd pleaser that brings out the best of the script through good pacing, fine singing, dancing and line interpretation.
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Kerry Clawson

The classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music is bursting with heart at Porthouse Theatre in a joyful production directed by artistic director Terri Kent.

Every detail — from a massive, beautifully hand-painted mountain mural to the thrilling harmonies reverberating from the nuns' sacred music — shows this production has been mounted with loving care.
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Fran Heller
This "Sound of Music" is a satisfying summer evening's entertainment for all ages. Guaranteed you'll be humming all the way home.

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Christine Howey

This production of the Broadway classic at Porthouse Theatre offers plenty for the S of M lovers to wrap their arms around. Director Terri Kent keeps the long show clipping along while milking some genuine emotion out of a couple touching scenes.

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