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JUNE 15-30, 2012
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Bob Abelman

“Cats” devotees justify their fervor by mentioning the show’s seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and its impressive literary and musical pedigree.  Detractors simply call attention to the fact that… this is a play about cats.  They both have a point, yet there are aspects of the Mercury Summer Stock production about which groupees and grousers can agree.

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Roy Berko

CATS was not all that could have been hoped for as an opening show in Mercury’s new venue, but, considering the difficulty of the show, and the developing abilities of the cast, Brault and company can be commended for a “nice try.”

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Christine Howey

Mocked for being unsophisticated, plot-less claptrap aimed at pre-teen girls, theater rubes and burnt-out Asian businessmen, one can tend to forget that the show has undeniable strong points. And although this production by Mercury Summer Stock is raw in parts and lacking in vocal depth, the staging is nicely detailed and at times even captivating. 

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Despite a glitchy opening weekend, Mercury Summer Stock's CATS shows promise in South Euclid!

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Marjorie Preston

With just a hint of a plot and very little dialogue, “Cats” is told through an eclectic variety of songs, and also incorporates fantastical costumes and stylized dancing – a head tilt here, an ear scratch there. However, the musical never settles on a character for very long, and is more a series of introductions to the all-cat cast, which can lead it to feel bland despite the quality of the work on stage. The strength of “Cats” lies in its high-caliber dance talent, though those looking for a more traditional linear plot line or conflict will find it lacking.

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