Thursday, September 15, 2016


September 16 through October 2, 2016
(440) 525-7134

Bob Abelman

In this remarkable piece of slice-of-life storytelling, nearly every song is an intricate and strenuous vocal callisthenic that tests the metal of the performers.  Neely Gevaart and Jason Leupold have what it takes.

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Roy Berko

The Last Five Years is a musical which many audience members, including myself, will like due to its structure, exquisite music, and the talent of the cast.   Don’t’ go expecting large production show stoppers and dance numbers as they are not part of this script or concept. 
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Christine Howey

It’s pretty hard to connect with a love story, or a break-up story, when the two principals never engage in intercourse (I mean the talking kind). But that’s exactly what happens in The Last Five Years, written and composed by Jason Robert Brown.

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