Theaters Reviewed

To be listed as a theatre to be officially reviewed by the membership of CCC and be eligible to having capsule reviews on, a theatre must have the credentials to be identified as one of the following:

a.  Host House Theatres—a theatre which does not exclusively produce their own productions,  but sponsors or invites productions to use their facilities. 

b.  Production House Theatres—a theatre which has an Equity Membership Agreement and whose casts primarily include Equity members or Equity Membership candidates. 

c.  Guest Artist Theatres—a theatre which has an agreement with Equity, whose productions normally include one or more Equity members, and/or who pay all or some their actors in a performance or supply their actors with a stipend.

The Cleveland Critics Circle will not post reviews of college, university, other educational theatre, and community theatres, though member reviewers may review such theatres for publication on their own blog or media outlet.  For the purposes of CCC business, these theatres will be identified as Non-professional Theatres.

Theatres listed for inclusion on the CCC blog must be located in Cuyahoga, Lake or Summit counties in Ohio.