Mission Statement

It is the purpose of ClevelandTheatreReviews.com to raise awareness and increase visibility of Greater Cleveland's vibrant theater scene by providing a one-stop blog for theater reviews by area critics.

Cleveland Critics Circle Board of Operation:
Three Cleveland Critics Circle members will be elected for three-year terms to serve on the CCC Board of Operation. 

At the time of election, the nominations for members of the Board may be made by any member of the association, including the member him/herself.  The 3 members receiving the highest number of votes will be elected.  In case of ties, a run-off between those tied will be conducted.

Members are not limited to the number of terms they may serve on the Board.

If a member of the Board resigns, or is no longer an active member of CCC, s/he will be replaced by an election of the CCC Board to serve for the reminder of the resigned person’s term of office. 

The Board will operate under Roberts Rule of Order procedures.

The Board should formulate procedures for the CCC, and, when it sees fit, poll the membership on matters that they deem require all members to participate.  For instance, for initial confirmation or on changing any of the regulations of this document, or approval of new members or theatres the entire membership will be polled.  The membership votes shall be by majority rules (Roberts Rules of Order approved definition).

The Board should appoint a member of the organization to monitor the CCC blog.  It should be the responsibility of that person to create blog pages for the entering of the members’ capsule reviews and keep the pages up-to-date.

Classification of Theatres

The Cleveland Critics Circle reviews only professional theaters. This includes:

Host House Theatres—Cleveland area theatres (Cuyahoga, Lake, and Summit counties) which do not exclusively produce their own productions, but sponsor or invite professional theatrical productions to use their facilities; 

Production House Theatres— Cleveland area theatres (Cuyahoga, Lake, and Summit counties) which have an Equity Membership Agreement and whose casts primarily include Equity members or Equity Membership candidates;

Guest Artist Theatres— Cleveland area theatres (Cuyahoga, Lake, and Summit counties) which have an agreement with Equity and whose productions normally include one or more Equity members, and/or who pay all or some their actors in a performance or supply their actors with a stipend.

CCC critics may individually choose to review a Non-professional Theatre (i.e., college, university, other educational theatre or a community theatre), and they may post those reviews on their personal blogs or in print and online publications. There will be no listing of Non-professional Theatre capsule reviews or links to those reviews on Clevelandtheaterrievews.com.