Tuesday, March 11, 2014

TITUS A GRAND GORY ROCK MUSICAL @ Cleveland Public Theatre

March 7-March 22, 2014
For tickets call 216-631-2727 or go to www.cptonline.org 

Bob Abelman

When the dust settles, the epic journey that is Titus: A Grand and Gory Rock Musical” turns out to be an entertaining one.  So sit back and enjoy the folly you see before you in the guise of a bloody revenge story and classic tragedy.  After all, how many people in the last 400 years can actually claim to have had fun watching this play?  

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Roy Berko

"TITUS A GRAND AND GORY ROCK-MUSICAL" is definitely a production that will not be appreciated by everyone.  It should satisfy the targeted CPT audience who will rock out with the music, appreciate the present political implications of the message, and give it standing ovations for its gutsy creativity.

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Mark Horning

Although they give it a good try, this rock version of Shakespeare’s ends up too long, too loud and too hard to enjoy.  This is a work in serious need of a rewrite as well as ramping up the speed of the dialog delivery.  The gory parts are funny and the funny parts are not.  In short, this is a work that cannot decide what it wants to be when it grows up…a Shakespearean tragedy, a comedy or a rock show.   

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Christine Howey

This thumping bloodbath, conceived and directed with no-holds-barred muscularity by Craig J. George, is both cringe-inducing and funny. And unlike some rock-addled extravaganzas, the music by local talents Dennis Yurich and Alison Garrigan is always appropriate to the moment (sometimes raucous, sometimes mellow), and never itntrusive.

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Andrea Simakis

One of the problems with this play, the reason there have only been a handful of truly memorable "Tituses," is that it's "incredibly difficult to do the gore," says [Craig] George [the play’s director]. "But the other reason is, they can't figure out if it's funny or it's just a tragedy."

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