Saturday, March 22, 2014

'night MOTHER @ Beck Center

March 21-May 4, 2014
For tickets call:  216-521-2540 or go on-line to

Bob Abelman

This beautifully written, 90-minute, Pulitzer Prize-winning conversation between a mother and her suicidal daughter is not an easy or pleasant evening of theater.  But with Dorothy Silver and Laura Perrotta in the leads, it is a thoroughly mesmorizing one.

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Roy Berko

Beck’s “’night Mother ”is one of the finest evenings of theatre one can experience.  The script, the acting, the directing are all of the highest quality. It is not an escapist experience, but is an opportunity to look at an on-going issue of our culture and gain an understanding of how the lack of fulfillment of our basic needs has an effect on life decisions.  It’s not for escapists, but for realists. This is an absolutely, must see for anyone who wants to participate in an all embracing theatrical experience. 

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Howard Gollop
No review yet.

Mark Horning
For those looking for high drama and are not squeamish about a frank portrayal of suicide this will be a good show for you to see.  It is superbly acted, humorous at times and the high drama carries clear to the fade-out, but be forewarned…it is a shocker even when you know the ending.  After the show, head across the street to “The Sweet Spot” for some nerve soothing gelato.  You will need it.
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Christine Howey
Playwright Norman's script is a perfect GPS device for locating loneliness and depression, no "recalculating" required. And this production delivers the audience to that destination with harrowing assurance.

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Andrea Simakis

The play, by Marsha Norman, won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1983. It boasts a bang-up cast – the very fine actresses Dorothy Silver and Laura Perrotta. At its helm is Scott Plate, a smart director who brought heat and corrosive comedy to the Studio Theater last year with "The Little Dog Laughed."

All that goodwill, not to mention star power, is the only way to tackle what is arguably one of the gloomiest scripts in American theater. And no matter whose name is in the program, there's no getting around that.
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Art Thomas

As relevant today as it was more than thirty years ago, "'Night Mother" still packs a solid punch as a desperate adult daughter calmly explains her iminent suicide to her mother. Winner of a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize, "'Night Mother" is solidly acted by Laura Perrotta and Dorothy Silver.

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