Sunday, March 16, 2014


March 14-April 6, 2014
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Bob Abelman

Let’s get ready to stumble.  Failing to generate the rowdy audience reaction so essential to professional wrestling and plays about it, dead air and missed cues managed to pile-drive and pin this Karamu Theatre production of  "The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety." 

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Mark Horning

“The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” is just that…Elaborate.  A tremendous amount of effort has been put into this play to give you the “real wrestling experience”.  Even if you are not a fan of wrestling, see this for the exceptional performances and body slams.

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Christine Howey
This is a play that desperately wants to be a satire on American values, reflected through the faux posturing (and faux everything) of pro wrestling. But the production body slams itself in too many ways to be very effective.

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