Saturday, March 29, 2014

CLYBOURNE PARK @ Cleveland Play House

Runs through April 13, 2014
For tickets call 216-241-6000 or go to 

 Bob Abelman

Despite some ungainly and inconsistent acting choices, CPH's “Clybourne Park” is wonderfully staged and a pleasure to watch.  With its Pulitzer Prize pedigree, it is also a pleasure to listen to.  And think about afterward. 

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Roy Berko
Pulitzer Prize winning ‘CLYBOURNE PARK’ is an emotionally moving and thought-provoking script that effectively highlights the still present distrust between members of different races.  It does that while inserting enough natural humor to keep the audience engaged.  It gets an acceptable, but not spellbinding production at CPH.  It’s a significant play worth seeing.
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Kerry Clawson
No review yet.
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Howard Gollop

Directed by Mark Cuddy, the extremely intelligent, perfect-pitch Play House cast members embrace the deep, profound drama lurking behind every deceptively benign verbal exchange. 

Oddly, enough, this drama of ideas becomes more fluid than static.

Of course it didn't hurt to have the enveloping house set and easily convincing period costumes by designer G.W. Mercier.

Mark Horning

Clybourne Park is the entire theater package.  There is a strong double story line that runs parallel to each other, great comedic moments (especially with the facial exchanges between cast members), high drama and a pertinent story line that we can all learn from  The pacing starts out slow in each segment in order to build to an exciting climax by the end of each act.  This is a great cast that gives its all to the performance.  See this show.

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Christine Howey
The script is fiendishly clever in many ways, as its double-cast players make the leap from 1959 in the first act to 2009 after the intermission. But there is a major speed bump in the writing that makes the play less impactful than it could be. And while the performances by the CPH players are fine in most respects, a couple missteps interrupt the smooth meshing of these dramatic gears.

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Andrea Simakis

"Clybourne Park" is the sort of play you wish you could rewind after the final scene and watch again. Immediately. It's that complicated, thorny and disturbing. And let's not forget funny – the kind of funny that elicited nervous laughter and shocked guffaws of the "did she just say that?" variety on opening night at the Allen Theatre.

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Art Thomas

How can an issue charged with deeply serious emotions be presented with so much humor? That's what you'll see in "Clybourne Park", a deserving celebrated play that exposes the nerves when "that other" kind of person wants to move into your neighborhood. The Play House production, another "joint" one, shows the value of partnering with another theater. The cast, direction and physical production are all superb. 
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