Saturday, March 2, 2024

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby @ Ohio Shakespeare Festival

Through March 17, 2024
(330) 574-2537


Mark Horning

Personally, I would have wished for an earlier start time and perhaps dividing the show into two segments and alternating each piece on succeeding days. This would put far less stress on the actors and audience alike. With that said, it is a well produced show with just a couple of fixable problems that will right themselves as the show carries on. 

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Chris Howey
No review yet.
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Dr. Yuko Kurahashi

Under the direction of Nancy Cates, the design team created an environment in which this epic story is told seamlessly. Scenic Designer Natalie Steen keeps the stage minimalistic, installing four different performable levels with several staircases.  The upper level “balcony,” as familiar in the Elizabethan theatres, serves as a performing area and a passage for the performers.  In addition, the actors use the second level of the auditorium of the Henry C. Bishop Stage in Greystone Hall. These spaces illustrate the world of The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby: London, Yorkshire, and Portsmouth.  Within in each location are sub-locations that include the residence of Ralph Nickleby, the inn, the tavern, the millinery, and the backstage of the theatre in Portsmouth. Tables, tablecloths, chairs, and a chaise support the production’s numerous “scene changes” (without interruptions).

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