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MARCH 14-APRIL 6, 2024

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Roy Berko

REQUIEM is a play that is neither easy to understand nor to immediately grasp its meaning.  It takes a while of after-thought and some mulling over what one has just experienced to gain self-awareness.  It is not a play for anyone who goes to the theatre for pure entertainment.  This script and production are not entertaining in the normal sense.  As with all existential theatrical experiences, it takes work to not only sit through the production, but allow yourself time to gain its message.

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Chris Howey

Based on three short stories by Anton Chekhov, and under the thoughtful direction of Raymond Bobgan, it creates a rich, consistent tone with many humorous jabs and feints. But by keeping the energy and performance invention at a low ebb, other theatrical opportunities are set aside.

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Dr. Yuko Kurahashi

An allegorical character, The Old Man (Peter Lawson Jones), is a modern-day “everyman” who, just before his own death, realizes his selfish and inconsiderate behavior, especially toward his own wife (The Old Woman), performed by Venetia Whatley, whose facial expressions (Suwatana Rockland put excellent stage-makeup on her face ) tell everything. The Old Man’s redemption comes too late for the couple (The Old Woman dies), but philosophically, he completes his journey to become a better human before his own death.  

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