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MARCH 15-17, 2024


Roy Berko

It’s a shame that the show only ran four performances.  It is the type of production that develops a cult following and could have run on and on in an open-ended -format.  Personally, I was enamored by the script, found the members of the Downtown cast wonderful (the show is double cast, with Anthony Maja, Kenna Wilson, Luke Henson and Jessi Kirtey being the Uptown cast), and not only would I have liked to see that cast, but would have excitedly encouraged everyone to see the show!

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Laura Kennelly

Recipe for a musical:

*Mix four talented humans in huge city (yes, NYC).

*Allow them to meet.

*Step back to allow chemistry and fate to complete the work.

Ordinary Days, with music and lyrics by Adam Gwon, does just that, and in doing so, weaves a simple tale spun by chance encounters into a meditation about life.


Bottom Line: Impressive performances from multi-talented performers. The appealing student quartet melded Ordinary Day’s character sketches into a compelling and coherent whole. The musical itself (and its celebration of random chance) proved positive and refreshing. Looking forward to following Mejia, Wilson, Henson, and Kirtley as they pursue their own careers and NYC life — -or, as one note that fell near me said, “On the road of Life, Let no Obstacle, Great or Small, Stand in your way.”

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