Sunday, June 4, 2023

Walking To Buchenwald @ Convergence-Continuum

Through June 24, 2023
(216) 687-0074


Roy Berko

Every once in a while a director and actors shine, while the script they are working with doesn’t really deserve to garner the quality.  This is the case of WALKING TO BUCHENWALD, the Tom Jacobson play now on stage at convergence-continuum.

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Mark Horning

With a little bit of tightening up this could be an extremely funny and moving show except for the ending that just goes phiff as the cast suddenly goes meandering off to Buchenwald following a dramatic medical situation. 

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Chris Howey

In Walking to Buchenwald, now at Convergence-Continuum theater, the innovative playwright Tom Jacobson attempts to achieve the kind of lift-off provided by such contrasting tones. (He has done similar kinds of tricks in other works, and Con-Con did one full justice 14 years ago with his time-twisting play Ouroboros.) But in this instance, due to a volley of pedestrian jokes and some weak writing decisions, a script that starts out playing it all for laughs later turns into a mystifying slog.

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