Friday, June 16, 2023

RENT @ Cain Park

Through June 25, 2023
(216) 371-3000


Roy Berko

RENT holds a special place in American Musical Theatre history, ushering in the era of the musical drama.  Though, thanks to science, we are long past the time when AIDS was a sure-thing death sentence, because politicians such as President Ronald Reagan and NY mayor Ed Koch denied the existence of AIDS and denied funding for research, causing many unnecessary deaths, the power of the music and the development of the characters makes it a special script with a well-honed production.  THIS IS A WELL-HONED PRODUCTION!  Standing O!

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Chris Howey

The Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning musical is now at Cain Park, and under the direction of Nathan Henry it's a substantial success, with only a couple glitches marring its gleaming surface.

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Laura Kennelly

Bottom Line: A heartfelt production of Rent, the musical that broke barriers when it first appeared. A reminder of how swiftly time passes — especially the “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes” that make up a year.

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