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JUNE 7-JULY 2, 2023

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Roy Berko

MOULIN ROUGE! THE MUSICAL is not a great musical, but it will entertain anyone who wants to escape from the real world for a couple of hours and allow the sets, costumes, choreography, singing, performances and melodramatic sit-com plot, carry you to escape to early 1900’s gay Paree.  Be ready for a dynamic crowd involving curtain call!

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Howard Gollop

It may make some classic-film devotees pine for the original 1952 version of "Moulin Rouge" -- sans the exclamation point. That's director John Huston's assiduously recreated milieu of the real Moulin Rouge, where Toulouse Lautrec (played here by the normal-sized, likable Nick Rashad Burroughs) is a genuine artist and not one of a threesome of virtual ne'er-do-well frat boys (the character Christian hales from western Ohio) pitching an impromptu musical to their adored chanteuse star (which is sort of the "American in Paris" or backstage-musical part of the show). A more refined, adult "Moulin Rouge" of John Huston's calibre will have to wait. Until then, the junk-food pleasures of this version satiates any entertainment void, and it's a sure sugar rush. 

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Sheri Gross

The show itself is a mixed bag in every way. The storyline is entertaining, yet a bit flimsy. The music is a blast, yet frantic in spots. The production values are a feast for your eyes, yet overstimulating at times. And the cast is uber talented, yet a bit uneven.

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Mark Horning

Everybody deserves a little “naughty” pleasure in their lives and this show is just the ticket to titillate and arouse the senses. Sit back and enjoy a wild ride of dazzle and just for fun, see how many pop songs you can pick out during the performance. Bring an adult friend and enjoy!  

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Chris Howey

Moulin Rouge-The Musical, a clichéd love story wrapped in miles of theatrical gloss, is visually enthralling and consistently entertaining without leaving a whisper of thought about the time, the people, or their lives.

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Laura Kennelly

Deserving of its numerous awards and designed to tickle musical fancies (and fantasies) Moulin Rouge! The Musical offers a dazzling old-school extravaganza featuring fantasy and musical escape. (I’d say it’s not for young children unless they are interested in sexuality and nudity—and their guardians approve.)

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Kate Klotzbach

If a replay of the 2001 hit movie is what you’re looking for, you will not get it here with this Broadway tour version. The structure is there, but they’ve loaded up the jukebox with even more songs, and it’s a hodgepodge of truth, beauty, freedom, and love! To each their own. See it for the sheer spectacle.

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Joey Morona

The stage show goes to great lengths trying to top its predecessor. The effort begins with Catherine Zuber’s dazzling, award-winning costumes and continues with Derek McLane’s eye-popping set design.

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