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Bob Abelman

Touring ‘A Bronx Tale’ a crowd-pleasing, color-by-number musical.

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Roy Berko

 After seeing A BRONX TALE on Broadway, I wrote: “Look for A Bronx Tale to be one of the hits of the 2016-2017 Broadway season.”  Anyone who sees the touring version of the musical now on stage in CLE will know why I made that prediction. Yes, this is an excellent production of a nicely conceived musical drama.  Go! “Divertitevi”!  Enjoy yourself! 

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Kerry Clawson

This is the memory play of Calogero, whose teen character is played by the winsome, handsome Barreiro. ... Although it’s C’s story, I found myself wanting to get to know other characters better, including the colorful assortment of mobsters whose names range from Frankie Coffeecake to JoJo the Whale. Most of all, I wanted to know more of young, black character Jane, C’s love interest played by former Stow resident Brianna-Marie Bell.

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Howard Gollop

For the cynical, the moderately successful Broadway musical “A Bronx Tale” comes across as some sort of seen-it/done-it contrivance for “Jersey Boys” fans -- checking off all the familiar boxes of the “fahgettaboudit” testosterone-imbued Italian American urban life and the Mafia flirtations that go with it. But as one of the ballads by eight-time Academy Award winner Alan Menken and three-time Tony Award nominee Glenn Slater goes, “Look to Your Heart.” Indeed, the heart of “A Bronx Tale” -- specifically, the heart that belongs to its creator and book (script) writer and original film star Chazz Palminteri -- renders the musical heartfelt and hearty of talent.

Mark Horning

In the case of this touring production of A Bronx Tale it is all with the cast who manage to squeeze out every bit of emotion from what otherwise could have been a pretty dry show. Well worth the ticket to see this one.

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Laura Kennelly

Vibrant, touching, tuneful and above all, a gift to start summer right. Playhouse Square’s latest Broadway Series musical, A Bronx Tale, feels real and a lot more than just a remix of  Jersey BoysHairspray and West Side Story (though it does artfully combine appealing aspects of all three). With book by Chazz Palminteri, music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Glenn Slater and direction by Jerry Zaks and Robert De Niro (yes, that Robert De Niro) and with choreography by Sergio Trujillo, it’s a winner.

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Andrea Simakis

Here's to a job well done.

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