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Through May 19, 2019
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Bob Abelman

Cleveland Play House’s ‘Native Gardens’ sprouts comedic catharsis.

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Roy Berko

“Native Garden” is that perfect script which grabs and holds an audience with humor and good story telling, while clearly making its philosophical point. It gets a picture-perfect production at CPH.  It is a wonderful piece to define and explain the political and societal climate of today.  Go!  See!  Enjoy and learn!!
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Mark Horning

Cultures and horticulture collide in this absolutely delightful range war that examines how conflicts begin and get resolved. Such subjects as American privilege and entitlement, squatter’s rights, Latino influence, the American Dream, environmental impact and what makes and breaks good neighbor relationships are carefully examined in this thoroughly entertaining work. Come to laugh...leave having learned.
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Laura Kennelly

“Good fences, make good neighbors?” Well, maybe not always. Karen Zacarias’s witty and abundantly funny Native Gardens, directed for The Cleveland Play House by Robert Barry Flemming, plants two contrasting families side by side in a wealthy Washington, D.C. neighborhood. As the drama grows, entwining Zacarias’s characters into battle despite their good intentions, it becomes harder to tell the weeds from the flowers.

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Andrea Simakis

Beneath the laughter--and teh demented deployment of a chainsaw,--is a play for our tribal times that wears its poroselytism with pride:  There is no hope for peaceful co-eistence wihtouit compromise.  Now tht's a bipartisan message we can all get behind."

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