Thursday, April 25, 2019


Through May 26, 2019
(216) 932-3396

Bob Abelman

Dobama finds the truth in ‘This,’ an engaging play about loss.

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Roy Berko

Melissa James Gibson’s “This” is a realistic presentation of existence and the stumbles and needed adjustments that must be made as life progresses.  It gets a fine production at Dobama and is well-worth the 90-minutes sit.
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Mark Horning

Bits of comic relief bubble to the surface from time to time to give counter point to the harsh reality of mid-life survival as the under-noticed middle-agers of the world get some well deserved time under the lights. Well crafted, thoughtful and carefully written this play will give you pause to think about life, death your place in the universe and how it is the little things that make or break a relationship.

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Andrea Simakis

In the end laughs outweigh the flab.  Ah well, no marriages--and very few plays--are perfect.

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