Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Through February 26, 2017
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Bob Abelman

The remarkable success of the touring ‘The King and I’ is no puzzlement.

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Kerry Clawson

The national tour of Lincoln Center Theater’s "The King and I" is a breathtakingly gorgeous production that appeals to our most romantic natures.  The classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, which sailed into Playhouse Square this week, presents an iconic culture clash between two of the most famously strong-willed characters in musical theater history: Anna Leonowens and the King of Siam.

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Howard Gollop

This “King and I” is hardly a style-over-substance endeavor. Director Bartlett Sher gracefully goes for introspection, not outward theatrics. He culls profundity and even timeliness from what has been dismissed by other directors as a creaky standard-issue musical book.

Mark Horning

This is THE ONE! The single show that you need to put on your must see winter list. With its sparkling grandeur, fabulous costuming, exquisite lighting, delightful dance sequences and crystal clear singing it is the must see show of this season’s Key Bank Broadway Series. 

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Christine Howey

In short, The King and I has all the Broadway zazz you’re looking for, while giving us another perspective on what’s happening in our world today. Hard to ask for anything more.

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Andrea Simakis

[Director] Bartlett Sher's "The King and I" not only honors the Rodgers and Hammerstain golden age classic--with a muscular pit orchestra giving a rousing performance of its lush, memorable score--but offers us a fresh, 21-st century face."

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