Monday, February 20, 2017


Through March 11, 2017
(216) 631-2727

Bob Abelman

Although this CPT production under Beth Woods’ direction has some difficulty reconciling the inconsistent stylings of the two acts, "Barbecue" is nonetheless a savory and satisfying offering.

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Roy Berko

Barbecue is the type of script that some will love, others abhor.  It is farce, which means broad, overplayed written and portrayed characters, which again, will turn some on, others off.  I found the evening funny, thought provoking, creative and effective, while recognizing its use of writing gimmicks and overly broad characterizations.  It’s worth the time to see this show!!!
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Mark Horning

Consider Barbeque as a litmus test for the liberally minded. It is at the same time funny, shocking and revealing but with a farcical ring to it. While presented in a serious vein you cannot help but notice the tongue in cheek manner in which the story is carried through. It is CPT at its best.

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Christine Howey

Even with an ending that feels too pat and self-congratulatory, this is a show that will keep you laughing, intellectually involved (eventually), shocked and guessing.

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Andrea Simakis

"Barbecue" is designed to make you think and laugh out loud while you're doing it. The play never preaches but pulls no punches either, as it challenges our assumptions and unearths our prejudices, often hidden just below our friendly surfaces.  So buy yourself a ticket and get ready to get grilled.

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