Monday, February 8, 2016


February 9 through 21, 2016

Bob Abelman

Think “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but with dance breaks.

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Roy Berko

IF/THEN has a wonderful score. The touring production has a strong cast and is nicely staged.  Too bad somewhere in the show’s development the sometimes confusing plot and excessive length weren’t dealt with. 
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Kerry Clawson

IF/THEN is a boldly emotional, contemporary musical that explores universal human experiences regarding love, friendship, loss and career. ... It’s an intimate tale about the leap of faith it takes to love — full of memorable melodies, beautiful harmonies and intelligent, richly painted lyrics.

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Howard Gollop

Is the audience really supposed to care whether Barbie goes to her dream-urban-planner-office with the dynamic Ken-doll boss or her Manhattan dream-apartment with her Ken-doll doctor-soldier-hero?  Despite a lot of singing, dancing (repetitive organic hipster moves and grooves by Lerry Keigwin) and what can only be called scream-singing, there are no true life choices or inevitable outcomes, just Lifetime TV movie plot devices.

Mark Horning

“If/Then” is a fascinating study on the effects of choices and chance in our lives and is a good start to opening dialogs both internally and with life partners.  With very high production standards and an energetic and hugely talented cast it is a solid evening of entertainment.  To repeat some advice, keep your eyes on the lass with and without the glasses. 

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Christine Howey
The music is almost uniformly repetitive and dull, and the storyline manages to bury a familiar and yet mildly interesting concept under a heaving mound of clichés and self-satisfying bromides.

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Andrea Simakis

"If/Then" feels like a live cocktail party in a high-rise bar somewhere in Manhattan where snide jokes about flyover states win you another round.

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